Kindling Success

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Date: Jan 2016

Kindling Success

Discover How To Publish Your Very Own eBook On Amazon Kindle And Become An Instant Author… Even If You’re Just A Beginner!

Don’t freak out if you’re not technologically savvy. You don’t have to be. In this book, you’ll learn how to write a good eBook, add a little ‘Kindling’ and get your business off to a burning success!

More specifically, you’ll discover:

  • How to harness and tap into millions of readers from Amazon’s Kindle store.
  • How to research a hot topic for your Kindle eBook so you can determine whether to approach it.
  • How to properly format and put your eBook together your eBook so it’ll get accepted in Amazon’s Kindle store.
  • How much should you price your eBook? Consider these factors.
  • How to promote your Kindle eBook once it’s published in Amazon.
  • How to track the sales of your eBook.
  • Top tools and resources to help you format and publish your eBook to the Amazon Kindle store.
  • …and much, much more!

That is a truly incredible value, especially considering the significant difference it’ll make to your bottom line.

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  • You can not offer to others 'Private Label Rights' to this product.

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